Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today I discovered something important thanks to my friend, Mark Romero. What I've learned is that some of the things I write have deeper meanings... meanings that I didn't consciously have in mind while I was putting the idea together.

I didn't agree. Initially.

I read the story in question (The Machine People) and I saw what he was talking about. I generally try to "write" to a degree that isn't making assumptions about the reader's beliefs or preconceptions about the subject matter. Basically, I don't want a target audience. In my mind, I do that every time. I go so far as not naming the main character in some stories, just so the reader will (hopefully) become the character for the duration of the story. I'll even (sometimes) leave out gender identifying pronouns for the same reason.

In reality I am under the constant influence of conversations, movies, TV shows, books, the news, street signs, restaurant menu's, and, well, everything. With this much outside influence, it becomes impossible to deliver my ideas in a way that allows the reader's beliefs and preconceptions to direct how they interpret the material.

So, do I admit Mark was right? Heck no. I will admit that I haven't achieved what I thought I had.

I like to think I learn something every day, especially from my friends. I don't, but I like to think that. It makes me think I'm deep and observant enough to glean something useful each day.

Today, however, I did learn something. I learned that you cannot just assume that you have accomplished something simply because you think you're being clever.  

So, Mark, thanks. Thanks for ruining my entire body of progress.


  1. LoL!

    Seriously though, if you lived in a cave your entire life what would you write about? Maybe the corner of your cave that received more light than the others or maybe the random mouse than rubbed across your foot.

    Living life is what gives us perspective on well life. The world is a "catch 22" of sorts. The constant bombardment of external influences whether positive or negative influences cause our minds to constantly trigger thoughts, ideas and perspective.

    By the way the subliminal message within The Machine People does tell me that you still struggle with the idea of afterlife existing or not.

  2. I appreciate that sentiment... But I really don't.