Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Job

I recently submitted a proposal to get some copywriting work with a company that designs websites. Part of the submittal process was to answer a short questionnaire. The first question was "Where do you feel like you are with your writing?"

I'd like to share my answer.


Imagine you're driving on a nice, cool and sunny day. Imagine then that you discover that you have a sizable obstruction in your nose. You commit to removing it and select the appropriate finger based on entry angle and nostril. You go at it. You've selected technique. It's between catching it in the crease under your fingernail, or just dragging it out with the pad of the fingertip. Then, on the horizon, there is a car headed toward you. At that point you have two options. Hurry and get the job done before the oncoming driver can see you, or just keep plowing on oblivious to the opinions of the other driver.

And that's where I feel like I'm at with my writing. The process isn't pretty, but it gets the job done and I don't mind people seeing it anymore.


I hope I get it.

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